'Cup', 31st August- 16th December 2017.

This Christmas selling exhibition that will celebrates the diversity of the humble 'Cup' and will showcase vessels in all different types of materials and styles, from ceramic, to paper, to wire, to fabric, to wood...

With work from: Ken Eardley, Jane Booth, Jessica Thorn, Katrin Moye, James and Tilla Waters, Juila Smith Ceramics, Eluned Glynn, Emma Johnson, Knit me a Stitch, Helaina Sharpley, Priscilla Jones, Emma-Jane Rule, Melissa Montague, This is Pewter, Bramble and Goose, Emily Notman, Miriam Jones, Naomi Posner (of Posner & Posner), Jennifer Collier and Emma Louise Wilson.

'Cuts The Mustard', 11th January- 21st April 2018.

This will be a playful exhibition taking the idiom 'cuts the mustard' as a cue for work that is "successful, and comes up to expectations", as well as highlighting the best in contemporary craft that celebrates this stunning colour. With work from: Liz Cooksey, Lynsey Walters, Emma Cocker, Rachel Butlin, Ruth Allen, A Northern Light, Claire lowe, Cally Conway, Lesley Doe, Abigail Leach, Janie Withers, Pauline Montgomery, Emily Higham and Gilly Langton.

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