Into the Woods
2nd May- 31st Aug 2019

The forest acts as a potent symbol of adventure and discovery; a place where the barrier between reality and fantasy begins to thin. This Exhibition seeks to capture the wonder and whimsy of these magical places, a whimsy that is subtly shaded with undertones of the sinister and macabre. With work from Cat in the Shoe, Betty Pepper, Gwen Vaughan, Treefall Design, Liz Cooksey, Heather Everitt, Karen Suzuki, Kayleigh Radcliffe, Clare Collinson, Chris Turrel-Watts, Mrs Bertimus, Josephine Gomersall, Claire Gent and Print Garage.

Kitchen Stories
5th Sept - 20th Dec 2019

The kitchen is often the heart of the home providing sustenance, warmth and nourishment, as well as hosting celebrations and welcoming visitors. This exhibition includes work made for use in the kitchen, as well as artwork exploring the narrative of it; inspired by kitchen utensils, folk art and the idea of sitting round the table sharing 'Kitchen Stories'. With work from: Anne Kelly, Linda Bloomfield, Bramble and Goose, Kathryn Ashcroft, Murgatroyd & Bean, Jo Harratt, Ann Povey, Georgie Scully, Hannah Staniforth, Sue Bibby and Takahashi McGil.

We will close for Christmas from 12pm on Friday 20th December, and will reopen at 10am on Thursday 16th January 2020

16th Jan- 2nd May 2020

Unit Twelve has always championed the recycling ethos, and artists who work with and bring new life to unusual and recycled materials, discovering and crafting exquisite new creations. These artists share a similar mindset and process, that starts at the discovery stage, inspired by the materials to reclaim; reimagining and repurposing the unwanted. with work from: Bronwen Gwillim, Sal Broadhurst, Claire Batt, Michaela McMillan, Lynn Muir, Hannah Lobley, Jessica Grady, Francesca Lobb, Kasasagi, Eleanor Symms, Rachel Butlin and Katie Lowe collaboration, Priormade, Nina Brabbins, Mandy Cleveland, Katherine Richmond

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